International conference on optics of excitons in confined systems

OECS 2017 follows a series of very successful past meetings, which occur approximately every two years since it first started in 1987 in Rome (Italy). Afterwards the conference was held at Naxos (Sicily, Italy, 1991), Montpellier (France, 1993), Cortona (Italy, 1995), Göttingen (Germany, 1997), Ascona (Switzerland, 1999), Montpellier (France, 2001), Lecce (Italy, 2003), Southampton (UK, 2005), Patti (Sicily, Italy, 2007), Madrid (Spain, 2009) and Paris (France, 2011), Rome (Italy, 2013) and Jerusalem (Israel, 2015).

It brings together internationally leading scientists and many young researchers collaborating in a broad range of scientific topics related to optics of excitons in confined systems. The main goal of this conference is to discuss in-depth new important results, ideas and future directions in the existing as well as in the emerging areas of research. To ensure an exciting conference program with the latest results, a considerable portion of the invited talks will be chosen from the submitted abstracts. Traditionally OECS conferences run without parallel sessions in order to allow sufficient time for close stimulating interaction between scientists and their engaging in the exchange of information and novel ideas. The OECS 2017 conference will be held in the city of Bath, UK with its history and architecture going back to the Roman era. Together with an inspiring scientific program it provides an opportunity to explore British culture and ancient surrounding areas.

A list of the 11 topics are listed below

• Optics of excitons in quantum wires and dots
• Polariton condensates, devices, and novel polariton systems
• Bose-Einstein condensation of excitons
• Excitons in organic nanostructures and cavities
• Excitons in photonic structures
• Quantum optics, single spin and coherent control of excitons
• Optomechanics with excitons in nanostructures
• Excitons in semiconductor nanocrystals
• Exciton-plasmon interactions in nanostructures
• Excitons in emerging two-dimensional materials
• Spin physics and applications of excitons and polaritons

Organised by the Institute of Physics


Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline (extended):
    18 April 2017
  • Early registration deadline:
    14 August 2017
  • Registration deadline:
    1 September 2017